Different Types of Silver Chains

Different Types of Silver Chains

There are seemingly endless silver chain styles available, each serving different purposes and offering different effects to the wearer. But how do you know which one to use for your pendant? Is one design stronger than another or is it just the a simple case of the appearance that differs? We have put together a little guide about the most popular styles of chains out there today;

Cable Chain 

The traditional link chain that we all know and love. This may be the common chain that you’ve been familiar with for years, but many people refer to it as cable chain. It’s known for its oval links that are uniform in their construction and interlocked together to form the classic type of jewellery chain. Typically, this chain comes in 16”,18”,20” lengths

Curb Chain

Curb chain features links that have been flattened and twisted and interlock tightly together to form a chain. A slight twist on the classic cable chain, curb chains are popular in very fine formations at around 1mm and much chunkier variations, ideal for creating statement necklaces. Even more popular is the diamond cut curb chain which features facets across the surface of each link for a fine professional finish. In more recent years the `curb chain has become an expression piece, taking it from a pendant chain to a real statement item.

Figaro Chain

This is a cable chain with flattened links that are not uniform in size. It usually features 2-3 shorter links separated by a longer link and comes in varying sizes and thicknesses. We offer a collection of stunning  that are perfect for layering with other necklaces, offering a truly detailed and varied look.

Box Chain

A box chain is constructed with a series of cubed links, and is sometimes referred to as a Venetian chain. It’s made using round wire that is then flattened and shaped into a series of box-like shapes. These small cubes are then linked together to form a sturdy chain that is smooth in appearance and an excellent choice for adding larger pendants.

These are the top 4 most popular chains, but the image below can help you identify those that are also available.


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